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Commercial Moving in Long Island, Fairfield County, Nassau County & NYC

Let us cut the hassle out of your business’s move, whether you find yourself moving a few floors up, relocating your office to another building, or you need to move multiple branches, let our experts tackle the job and get you into your new location without the hassle! Serving long island and NYC!


Our movers are more than qualified to get the job done and safely move any and all office equipment, desks, furniture, and other necessities. We are fully equipped to handle any size move, and do so with a friendly attitude. Our services let you cut your downtime, saving you time and money during the move, don’t miss out on the professionalism of our movers here at KP Quality!

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    Our Different Commercial Moving Services

    After being in business for over a decade we have experienced every kind of commercial move there is, allowing us to become experts in the field. We can provide useful services for each of the following moves:

    • Business Relocation– If you find yourself moving from one building to another call us today to discuss the logistics and come up with a moving plan that fits your timeline and budget.
    • Office Moves- Get some peace of mind knowing that all of your office belongings will be kept safe and arrive in your new office ontime with our commercial moving services.
    • Corporate Relocation– Let us handle your entire relocation move with timely service and reliable movers.

    As a fully licensed and insured business you can feel confident in our level of care and professionalism while moving your business’s items. We have been trusted by countless businesses during their moves and are here to provide our exceptional services to you during your upcoming commercial move.

    We can pack and move a variety of commercial items like:

    • Lab equipment
    • Office furniture
    • Computers/electronics
    • Appliances
    • Art/office decor
    • Personal items
    • And much more!

    Helpful Tips on Commercial Moves

    Our staff is here to assist you and your employees in the entire process of your move, from big to small jobs we have seen it all and have created a list of helpful tips and ideas for you to consider. By breaking down the process into manageable parts you can create a stress free transition for yourself and anyone else involved.

    • Verify dimensions in new building space to eliminate any technical difficulties with furniture
    • Consider selling any unnecessary furniture items beforehand to cut the clutter and add extra money into your pocket
    • Create a detailed furniture layout for your new office or retail space, this will come in handy during the unloading process
    • Backup any and all computer systems well before the move date to ensure information is not lost during the relocation, along with obtaining approval from IT for your move
    • Consider hiring other vendors such as electricians, painters, or landscapers, in addition to our movers to keep your downtime short and get your new space up and running

    Commercial Moving Services

    While you handle other logistics of your move, our workers will meticulously take care of things on our end. The more planning and preparation the smoother the process will go, which is why we suggest letting professionals step in and handle everything from crating to installation. We are happy to provide our customers with the following services:

    • Full move oversight
    • Crating and packing of all items
    • Furniture installation at new location
    • Specialty item shipping
    • Inventory lists

    KP Quality is your top choice for any commercial moving needs throughout Long Island and NYC. Our staff of dedicated movers will work closely with you to execute your move, keeping you on budget and eliminating any additional stress. Give us a call today to receive your FREE quote and plan out your upcoming commercial move.

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