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Local Moving Services in Long Island, Fairfield County, Nassau County & NYC

We want to take the hassle out of your move, whether it’s a residential move from house to house, or perhaps your business is expanding and you’re in need of a bigger building, we can help! With over a decades worth of satisfied customers, our movers are equipped with the proper tools, experience, and professionalism to help you with any in-state move.

Our local moving services include:

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    Types of Local Moves We Offer

    Home Movers

    Whether your family is expanding and you find yourself moving to a bigger house, or you’re making your first big move from an apartment to a house we can help with all the details like scheduling, moving, and unpacking, letting you focus on other things on your moving to-do list.

    Consider breaking down your packing into manageable tasks, going room by room sorting things that will be donated, thrown away, or taken with to your new house. By first eliminating any excess, you can then focus on organizing items that will be moved. Look into local shelters or donation centers to see what can be dropped off to them.

    For items that will be brought with to your new home let us help supply you with the proper necessities, which may include:

    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrap
    • Boxes
    • Packing tape/markers

    Not only do we protect the items you are moving, but our movers take extra caution not to damage your house while packing and unpacking your belongings. Let us take the stress out of the process so you can start off on a good note at your new home.

    Apartment/Condo Movers

    Moving from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom? Or maybe you’re moving to a complex closer to work, whatever the reason is behind the move call us today to schedule our services.

    We have movers with years of experience successfully packing and moving customers in and out of apartments, up flights of stairs, around narrow hallways, and in and out of small elevators. We will familiarize ourselves with any policies that your apartment/condo may have in terms of moving and take necessary precautions to protect the property during our time there. Your items will arrive in the same condition they were in when they left, letting you focus on everything else surrounding your big move.

    To further help you on your end, consider some of the following tips to streamline your move and get you into your new place on time.

    Declutter Go through your items both in your apartment/condo and any storage units, deciding what can be donated or thrown away, allowing you to only put energy into moving your necessities

    Speak with your landlord- Go over your rental/lease agreement and finalize any payments or bills to avoid fees or last minute issues with your move, document the condition of your place as well to use as a reference just in case

    Consider logistics of your new space Be sure to double check any measurements of your new building to ensure your furniture will fit properly, and consider selling anything too big if need be

    Business Movers

    Is your business expanding to a larger building? Let KP Quality handle all of your moving needs. From packing to delivery you can feel at ease knowing experienced professionals are handling your business.

    We can handle a variety of business moves, including business relocation, office moves, and corporate relocation. Head over to our Commercial Movers page to find out more information on how we can handle everything from packing to furniture installation!

    Let us help protect your belongings and keep your business running on track with our affordable and timely services, whether your office is moving a few floors up or your local business is relocating to a high traffic storefront, we will handle everything with care.

    Pickup and Delivery

    Did you just order a new entertainment center for your house? Or perhaps an updated home office set? We know that not everyone has the time or means to pickup and assemble big and bulky items, which is where we step in!

    We aren’t just for big moves, our trained movers are equipped with the proper tools and skills to pick up those appliances and play sets and deliver them right to your door, in addition to properly assembling them in a timely manner if needed.

    For more information on our local movers please contact us today!

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