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Residential Moving in Long Island, Fairfield County, Nassau County & NYC

Many individuals and families find themselves moving multiple times throughout their lives, for some it becomes a necessity for work, and for others it becomes the next step in starting their future. We are here to help along the way and create a positive move for you. We offer:

For over a decade our friendly and experienced staff here at KP Quality have successfully helped thousands of residential customers ease the stress of moving, no matter how big the job is we are proud to serve Long Island and NYC. We take pride in each and every move, ensuring your belongings are kept safe from start to finish.

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    Quality Service for Residential Moves

    We are happy to provide our customers quality service from the beginning of their move up until the last box is unpacked. We work closely with you to plan around busy schedules and come fully prepared to execute a successful move. We know that you want professional movers with expertise and professionalism who can get the job done, and here at KP Quality we can deliver that for you.

    Our residential moving services are affordable and reliable, making sure to keep you and your family on time and within budget throughout the move. We treat our customers and their belongings with respect taking every precaution possible to keep them safe.

    Packing with Ease

    Do you have larger items and need an extra set of professional hands to get them to your new house? Our movers have experience packing belongings from boxes to kitchen appliances. We take care of your valuables as if they were our own, securing fragile items and keeping everything safe en-route to your new home. We can also supply you with moving boxes and other tools to assist you during the packing process.

    Double check our packing list below to help in your moving process:

    • Bedrooms: clothing items/jewelry, bedroom sets, decor        
    • Bathrooms: linens, toiletries, mirrors
    • Living room: electronics, furniture, home decor
    • Kitchen: appliances, glassware, table and chairs
    • Garage: tools, lawn care equipment, work benches, bicycles

    One tip we always suggest to our customers is to pack strategically, helping to avoid any overwhelming issues later on. Sort through your belongings and categorize what can be kept, donated, or thrown away. Decluttering your household goods along the way will make sure only the essentials are packed up and moved into your new house.

    Experienced Movers

    Our KP Quality movers have years of experience in the NYC, Long Island area and can handle moves from one town over to those moving out-of-state.  Let our friendly movers assist you from packing to moving and lastly settling you into your new home.

    We have been in business for over ten years, serving Long Island and NYC. We continue to move our beloved customers from all different places to their new homes.

    Helping residential customers move to and from:


    • Houses
    • Apartments
    • Condos
    • Townhouses

    Apartment and Condo moves can sometimes pose problems with staircases and limited parking, but our movers have the experience to tackle any issue and get your belongings safely packed away in one of our moving trucks. We suggest finalizing any end-of-lease agreements with your landlord and finalize all payments and bills to insure there are no hiccups when the moving day comes.

    Hire a company you can trust, and let us handle the hassle that comes with moving in any situation. For some moves we can contact the right people and reserve parking spots and elevators to streamline the move.

    Contact Us Today!

    We are excited to share our quality service with you during your next residential move. We service NYC and Long Island and we can handle and provide useful advice for any situation you are in. Contact us today to receive a quote and more information on our affordable prices and trusted movers!

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