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For more than a decade KP Quality has provided only the best moving services in the Greater Bronx, NY area. We provide all moving needs such as packing, unpacking, reassembly, disassembly and crating for locals and commercial business all at an affordable price. High quality moving at a reasonable price is what we do best.

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Moving Services in the Bronx that we offer:


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    We give you hands on, excellent customer service from the beginning starting with the first phone call you make to us, all the way to the last box unpacked. Quality is in our name, we are thorough and diligent about every detail that is needed to help you relocate. We keep track of every single box we box and pack for you, making sure that not one box is lost. KP Quality customizes our moving services to your moving job, even from a small move around the corner or a move all the way across the country. Our moving programs, full and partial, provide a smooth move for all of our Bronx clients.

    Full Packing Service

    Here at KP Quality we offer entire boxing and wrapping services to make your move stress-free and care-free. We are here to carefully pack and box each individual item making sure that everything is accounted for and protected fully. We pride ourselves on avoiding damaged items and even assist you  with the unpacking and placement of items after your Bronx relocation.

    Partial Packing Service

    We put just as much time and care into smaller moves that deserve attention for even the smallest list of items. KP Quality carefully manages these valuable items and offers partial packing services to new locations or even relocating to a storage center.

    Single- Items

    We know the stress that can be created on wanting to move your large, precious items. We are here to take that stress off your shoulders and use our expertise skills to handle any moving situation. KP Quality professionally handles all  delicate pieces of furniture, fragile antiques, and other valuable items during the loading, moving, and unloading process. We ensure safety for your property with quality boxing and crating services.


    We have years of experience moving all types of bulky, large and awkwardly shaped furniture items that can be a pain without professional help. Out experts are pros at moving hefty couches, love seats and even billiard tables. Our services include disassembly, detailed reassembly with any of your larger items to your new location.

    We can assist with:

    • Sofas & Couches
    • Wall Units & Entertainment Centers
    • Dining Tables
    • Armoires
    • Pool Tables
    • Beds & Headboards
      (Cribs, Murphy Beds, Bunk Beds)

    The Process

    Disassembling and reassembling can seem quite confusing to someone who has not been in the field of furniture moving as long as we have. We do this every single day and are the most trusted professionals in the Bronx, and frequently these pieces of furniture were professionally assembled by an outsourced team inside your household. KP Quality covers the entire process in a quick, effective, and efficient manner. Our Couch Heroes go through all the proper procedures to make sure all your items are fully protected.  We always keep track of the little pieces needed and return it to the way it was and sometimes even nicer than when you first bought it. 

    Furniture Disassembly

     1. To make sure that no damage occurs at any time, particularly to the upholstery, we carefully remove the furniture and leather or fabric coverings.

    2.  There are numerous different furniture frames, such as wood and metal. Metal frames can be pulled apart and loosened by the screwed connection points. Wooden frames deal with glued dowel connections. This step makes sure the integrity of the frame is secure.

    3.  The Kp Quality team is fully equip to handle any situation or material difference whether the furniture is made from wood, metal or leather to fabric. Every member is fully qualified and has acquired expert skills on how to work with any disassembly. We are ready to move your furniture safely and professionally.

    Furniture Reassembly

    1. Once we professional  disassembled and move all your items to your new Bronx location, we then begin assembling the items once again. We create a solid and sturdy foundation by constructing the frame. We replace any stripped screws and make sure all the connections are strong, whether with bolts or glued dowels.

    2. Like we started, we then replace the leather or fabric to the frame. This includes taking care of cushions and pads and making sure that everyting is looking great and undamaged. 

    3.  This whole step by step process is done with our whole attention, expert skills, and caring professionals making sure your Bronx property is being taken of. The Couch Heroes even offer new glue and screws and other materials to make sure your couch or furniture is completely sought after. 



    We completely realize that there are many unique items that deserve their own attention and care, which  KP Quality recognizes by offering crating services and shipping programs for the Bronx, NY area. We protect a vast range of precious items that Bronx locals and commercial businesses use to ensure the best security during movement and shipment. Some items that benefit from crating are:

    • Lab equipment
    • Artwork
    • Glass / Marble Table Tops
    • Statues
    • Mirrors
    • Antiques

    Custom Designed Crates

    These unique items understandably come in unique shapes and sizes. Rather than trying to squeeze them into the dimensions of the crate, we alter our crates to match the dimensions of your items. We consider weight and the length and distance of the relocation when custom designing our crates for Bronx clients.

    On- Site Crating

    We send a large team of professionals who ensure top security and safety for those items you may have that are are incredibly fragile and need to be evaluated and crated on-site. We create customized crating for any of your items that helps avoid any damage that could be done. 

    Crates for Purchase

    We also offer creates for purchase and an amazing alternative option for extended uses of crates or those who would frequently use them. They are excellent for people both in the Bronx, NY area as well as broader parts of New York. Domestic and international moves can benefit from crating services.

    Our crating services provide the people of Bronx, NY with quality care and treatment for even the most delicate items.


    We guarantee a stress-free move with KP Quality’s professional team of expert movers who truly care about ensuring the best move for your items. No matter how big or small the move may be, we are here to handle the load and offer dependable services that cover all of the various aspects of a move

    Short and Long distance Moving

    Local community moves within the Bronx or cross country relocations are both part of our daily routine at KP Quality. Our boxing and crating services can help prepare all items in your home or even help pack up a single room.

    Fair Pricing for moving

    We offer the best services and customer care at the most affordable and fair prices.We work tirelessly to provide quality work that is incomparable to other comeptitors who will not provide our attention to detail. Our prices are true and accurate, adjusted for every move or project you need.

    Licensed & Insured

    KP Quality only has the most qualified and expert professionals working with the moves.We make sure our team is trustworthy and professional at every single move. We are a registered moving company according to the State of New York and the Department of Transportation. KP Quality is licensed and insured, prepared for any accidents to keep your Hempstead property safe.


    KP Quality is the trusted moving company selection for the Bronx, NY area. With years of experience and professionally trained team members, you can have the seamless and smooth move you have dreamed of.

    • Years of Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
    • On Time & On Schedule
    • Fair Pricing

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