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KP Quality Moving Company offers a variety of moving services including hoisting and craning services as well as custom crating. We understand that sometimes moving requires a little more than just moving some boxes or pieces of standard furniture from one home to another. 

Whether you are in need of a crane to remove a heavy piece of furniture from a third floor, a valuable piece of art that needs specialty removal, large gym equipment, or a grand piano, we are a professional team that is here to help make your move as easy as possible. We are a moving company serving NYC and Long Island.

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    Hoisting, or another term often used, “hand-hoisting” is basically a human crane. Sometimes when moving you find yourself unable to move certain items through doorways, in which case it can be brought in or out through a window or possible a balcony.

    Three movers are usually involved in conducting a safe hand-hoist, in which two people are responsible for raising or lowering the piece while one person is responsible for a “tether strap” used for safely guiding the piece. This is a very specific procedure that must be conducted by a moving professional, which is why KP Quality Movers are here to help you make your move stress free.


    An alternative to hoisting a piece would be craning. If you have a large piece of furniture or a heavy piano that cannot be safely hand-hoisted, a crane is the next best option to help move your piece. Sometimes a permit or police detail is required for crane access and should only be operated by a specially trained moving professionals. 


    For over a decade our friendly and experienced staff here at KP Quality have successfully helped thousands of residential customers ease the stress of moving, no matter how big the job is we are proud to serve Long Island and NYC. We take pride in each and every move, ensuring your belongings are kept safe from start to finish. Some additional services that we offer are:

    • Crating
    • Cross-country Movers
    • Fine Art & Antique Movers 
    • Full-Service Movers
    • Last Minute Moves
    • Local Moves (In-state)
    • Long Distance Moves (Out-of-state)
    • Logistics
    • Packing & Unpacking Services
    • Partial Packing Movers 
    • Piano Movers 
    • Furniture Assembly & Disassembly 
    • Vehicle Moving


    If you believe that you have a piece that is in need of a hoisting or a crane, please call KP Quality Movers today to schedule an appointment with the appropriate arrangements. Call us today

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