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Getting ready for a big move and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. KP Quality of Lynbrook of NY has expert movers near you and is here help you every step of the way. We’re always happy to help you pack, unpack, disassemble, or anything else. Our items are always insured and we’ll always handle your possessions with care. That’s why we’ve been New York’s best moving company for over a decade.

Interested in one of our many services? Luckily, we provide free and no-obligation quotes. To get yours, just fill out the form here or call us at: 631-398-5885

Moving Services in Lynbrook, NY that we offer:


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    Even though most people move multiple times throughout their life, it still remains extremely stressful. Luckily, we’re here to make it easier. Here at KP Quality in Lynbrook, New York, we have expert “before” and “after” moving services. If you decide to use these services, you can just relax while we fully or partially pack or unpack your all of your goods.

    Full Packing Service

    Whether you’re moving cross-country or across the street, we can be here to help you pack up all your belongings and set them in their new home. That way, when you arrive to your new home, you can just relax. Your belongings will be unpacked and ready for use. And since our Lynbrook customers are important to us, we want to make sure that their belongings arrive safely. We promise to always handle your items with care and in any needed speciality packing. And for your peace of mind, your property will also be protected.

    Partial Packing Service

    But maybe you only need to relocate one bulk item. If that’s the case, then we can still help you. At KP Quality in Lynbrook, we can pack individual items and offer crating shipping if needed.

    Single- Items

    If you have special or expensive items that need expert care, our team in Lynbrook will make sure to handle them with care. All items will be packed carefully and with you in mind. If needed, our expert team will even take care of specialized packaging or securing.


    Some items such as pool tables, couches, or furniture sets are really big and can’t fit through a door. If you have one of those items, then don’t stress yourself out and force it through one. Just call us and we will take care of it. Our team in Lynbrook, NY will be there in no time to disassemble and reassemble them in your new home.

    We can assist with:

    • Sofas & Couches
    • Wall Units & Entertainment Centers
    • Dining Tables
    • Armoires
    • Pool Tables
    • Beds & Headboards
      (Cribs, Murphy Beds, Bunk Beds)

    The Process

    While it may seem simple, furniture disassembly and reassembly is actually quite complex. Each item will always require a different set of tools, assembly pieces, and skills. Disassembly in particular can be difficult since it requires that multiple precautions be taken. We will always want to make sure that your furniture properly reunites.

    Furniture Disassembly

    1. If your furniture is made of leather or fabric, our team will first work to carefully remove it without causing damage (Reupholstery is a different process).

    2.  If your furniture piece is made of a metal frame, our team will simply loosen the connections and fold it down. If it is made with a wood frame however, things will be more complicated. But don’t worry! Our team will make sure to handle any glued down dowel connections and handle your items with particular care.

    3. Lucky for you, our professional team has years of experience and training in metal and woodwork. Our Couch Heroes are qualified to handle even your most prized furniture.

    Furniture Reassembly

    1.  Once our Couch Heroes have moved your furniture to its new home, they’ll aim to reassemble the frame. This process will include replacing things such as screws, bolts, or staples.

    2.  If your piece has some sort of leather or fabric, our couch experts in Lynbrook will then restore original material back onto the frame.

    3.  Once this process is done, our expert team will reassemble everything back together. They will always provide new glue, staples, or screws to your furniture. When they’re done, your piece will look and perform as good as new.



    KP Quality Inc. in Lynbrook, New York offers full-service crating and shipping. So if you ever need to handle large amounts of products or equipment, then we have you covered.

     Some of the items we recommend for our crating service include:

    • Lab Equipment
    • Artwork
    • Glass/Marble Table Tops
    • Statues
    • Mirrors
    • Antiques

    Custom Designed Crates

    We know that every customer is going to have different products, goals, and circumstances. Even two of our customers with similar situations may end up needing a different type of product. That’s why all of our crating services are completely individualized. When you come to us, you will always get a tailor-made product. We’ll always take into account your product’s weight, dimensions, and location.

    On-Site Crating

    If you’re short on time, our team in Lynbrook, NY can even provide you with on-site crating. When you choose this option, you will just sit back and relax while our experts arrive at the scene to take care of things. They’ll build the crates suited to your needs and then securely deliver them to your new location.

    Crates for Purchase

    Not in Lynbrook, NY? Not an issue. If you aren’t currently in the area, then you can still call us to have crates shipped to you. We can ship both domestically and internationally.


    You can always be sure of your decision to work with Lynbrook’s KP Quality. We promise to handle your possessions with respect and provide the best crates suited to your needs. We’ll get what you need done and get it done safely, securely, and affordably.


    Whether you’re moving around the block or around the country, you still need to pack, plan, and organize. It is always stressful.  So we here at KP Quality are here to make it easier for you. No matter the size, jurisdiction, or type of move you are doing, we can be there.

    Short and Long Distance Moving

    If you’re moving your entire life across the country or just transporting a few items into storage, make sure to give us a call. We can do long-distance or short-distance moves. And when you work with us, you’ll always have quality and expert care.

    Fair Pricing for moving

    Not only can get excellent, dependable, and professional moving services from KP Quality, you can also get it at an affordable rate. We don’t charge you any hidden fees. So when you call us for a quote, we will provide you with our most accurate and honest price.

    Licensed & Insured

    Best yet: KP Quality is able to offer you peace of mind with our insurance policy. In case of an unfortunate event, we will be able to handle it. We’re even a licensed and registered moving company with The State of New York.


    If you’re looking for a dependable moving company in Lynbrook, then look no further. All of our movers will treat your objects with care and handle them as if they were their own. You can always feel secure in your decision to work with us.

    • Years of Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
    • On Time & On Schedule
    • Fair Pricing

    To contact us, please fill out our form or call us at 631-398-5885

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