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KP Quality has over a decade’s worth of moving and packing experience working with both local residents and professional businesses in the greater Manhattan area. We strive to provide the best and most secure moving service in Manhattan.

We offer a vast array of moving services in Manhattan that include top quality movers who truly care about the security of you belongings. KP Quality guarantees a calm and stress-free moving experience, let us handle any of you moving needs. Give KP Quality a call today to get our experts who have years of experience and skill take care of your move! To get a free moving quote just complete the form or call us now at:  631-398-5885

Moving Services in Manhattan, NY that we offer:


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    KP Quality is a fully automated moving service that offers the most dedicated customer service, providing you with everything you need to move. We create a calm moving environment where we do all the hard work for you, if you need unpacking right at your new location, our movers are happy to help. KP Quality has a fully devoted moving team that are expertly skilled at these packing services:

    Full Packing Service

    KP Quality has all of your full packing service needs in Manhattan, NY. We make sure to take care of even the largest speciality items, and truly believe it is our full responsibility to take care of your belongings during the moves. We pack every item individually and take the time to ensure they are packed professionally, once we get to your new location we unpack your items as well. Our services are never rushed, but done efficiently and carefully. 

    Partial Packing Service

    If you are looking for packing professionals who will also take care of partial moves such as a few large items to a new home or storage unit, KP Quality are your go-to movers. No matter how short or small of a move, we provide the best services in Manhattan. Our quality care of your valuables provides expert crating services that will get your items from point A to point B safely. 

    KP Quality knows that any moving situation can be a lot to handle, which is why we provide quality moving services for both full and partial moves.

    Single- Items

    We also realize how important delicate/precious single items of yours are, in which we guarantee to manage your single item with caution. When you call us up and get our professional movers in Manhattan, you know you hired the best and most experienced movers in the area that will delicately move your items.


    Large pieces of furniture are hard to move and handle which is why we provide expert disassembly to properly move these items. Most furniture is able to be moved from place to place by just being wrapped and cushioned, however sometimes they need to be taken apart to be moved properly. Our moving specialists will happily be able to assist any furniture disassembling needs prior to your move. There is no one more trusted to be professionally disassembling your furniture for your Manhattan location than us.

    We can help with:

    • Sofas & Couches
    • Wall Units & Entertainment Centers
    • Dining Tables
    • Armoires
    • Pool Tables
    • Beds & Headboards
      (Cribs, Murphy Beds, Bunk Beds)

    The Process

    Any person who has done their own DIY knows the many parts and pieces furniture needs to be properly assembled. It can be time consuming, exhausting and plain frustrating when you do not do this on the daily. That is why we are here to make disassembly easy, and efficient when you have KP Quality professionals on the job.

    Furniture Disassembly

    1. Carefully take a part the leather or fabric from the furniture without destroying it because we all know reupholstering can be expense and time consuming. It’s helpful to loosen as little upholstery as you can.

    2.  Make sure to loosen all screws, bolts, and staples. Metal is usually simple to disassemble but many wood frames have glued dowel connections.

    3. Our Couch experts are experts on every stepped needed to be taken no matter if it is wood or metal furniture disassembly. Before your big move our professionals will skillfully disassemble your furniture. 

    Furniture Reassembly

    1. As we reach your new destination for your items, we make sure to fully put together all the items.  The reassembly process requires putting the frame back in one piece with all bolts, dowels, screws, or even new staples.

    2. If you have fabric or leather furniture, then we carefully move it back to how it was.

    3. Our Couch Professionals are stacked with any and every type of supplies needed such as  screws, glue, wood, and whatever might be needed to provide additional support to your furniture. Our experts will make certain your furniture will look even better than how we first got it before the move!



    KP Quality Inc. offers numerous full time crating services that are specialized for our clients in Manhattan, NY. Our crating services are perfect for transporting products & equipment:

    • Lab Equipment
    • Artwork
    • Glass/Marble Table Tops
    • Statues
    • Mirrors
    • Antiques

    Custom Designed Crates

    KP Quality analyze and assesses your items that need custom crate designs and take into account correct size, weight, and dimensions to get the exact fit  at your new Manhattan location.

    On- Site Crating

    Some items are too bulky which is why we have on-site crating by our professionals. We manage and set-up an appointment to meet with you and put together an on-site crate that fits your needs. KP Quality pledges to give you the most secure and personal customer service in which you will be 100% satisfied  by your on-site custom crate. 

    Crates for Purchase

    If you’re not in Manhattan but still need a perfectly customized designed crate then we got you completely! Domestic or international, we will send you shipping crates to make your move easier and stress-free. 


    Short and Long Distance Moving

    No matter what the job is, where it is, or how far it is,  the KP Quality expert movers and packers  will be there every single step to pack, load, and transport your personal belongings with true care and delicate touch. We believe that every move, whether large or small should be given the same level of attention.

    Fair Pricing for moving

    KP Quality only wants to offer the highest quality of friendly, and helpful service at the fairest of prices. There will be no hidden fees or unnecessary penalties when you work with us. The moving process can be physically and mentally draining, but when you have our professionals there with you, it become a breeze at an economic rate. 

    Licensed & Insured

    As an assisting hand in the Manhattan community, KP Quality is fully insured, licensed and registered by the State of New York and Department of Transportation. We are committed to giving you the best possible moving services.


    Look no further if you want the most qualified and professional moving service in Manhattan. We truly value every single item we move for you, putting in time and care to ensure its security. Long distance, short distance, or local moves are all our expertise no matter what the move entails. We have a lot to offer our clients:

    • Years of Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
    • On Time & On Schedule
    • Fair Pricing

    To contact us, please fill out of our form or call us at 631-398-5885

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