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KP Quality has been providing top quality moving services for over 10 years. We are able to provide you with a variety of moving services like packing, unpacking, crating, disassembly/reassembly, and much more. KP Quality is your trusted and affordable moving company, serving all residents in Roslyn, NY. You can count on KP Quality to give you fast and safe moving services for all of your items. If you are in Roslyn, NY and you have a big move coming up, choose KP Quality for quick, easy and reliable moving assistance.

If you are looking for a fast and affordable moving company, call KP Quality for our no-obligation, free quote! Fill out our online form or call us today to get in contact with one of our moving representatives at 631-398-5885

Moving Services in Roslyn that we offer:


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    KP Quality movers are your trusted movers for exceptional moving services whether it be for local or long distance moves. All of our specialty services are available during any stage of your move. So if something comes up, do not hesitate to ask us for anything that will keep you satisfied during your next move. We want the residents of Roslyn, NY or those seeking to move to Roslyn, NY to know that we are here to for all of their moving needs.

    Full Packing Services

    Do you have a hard time trying to find the best way to safely pack and move your items in an upcoming move? Our professionals at KP Quality are more than happy to relieve that stress and get the job done for you! Our expert packers will arrive to your Roslyn location to help you organize and carefully package your items. It does not matter the size of your items, whether they are large or small, we are more than capable of finding the proper packing method for it.

    When you call KP Quality to assist you with your next move, you can trust our movers to handle all of your items with care during every step of your move. From the initial packing stages at your Roslyn home to unpacking at your new location, our movers will provide exceptional care so all of your items will experience no damage.

    Partial Packing Services

    Large items like furniture, machinery, artwork, and more can be a hassle just trying to figure out how to move. KP Quality can relieve you of having to find a way to move your large items. If the circumstances permit and with your approval, we also offer our crafting services for a much safer move.

    Single Items

    For valuable personal items that hold much meaning to you, we understand the amount of extra care that has to go into these items. You can rely on KP Quality to make sure these sensitive items make it to your next location without experiencing any damage. Our expert moving teams at KP Quality can provide you with fast and safe transportation for your next move out or in to Roslyn, NY. Additionally, we extend our crafting services to help make the move of these items much easier and safer.


    There may come times during the move process where you may have to disassemble furniture and other large items. Thankfully, KP Quality offers the best affordable moving services that also comes with disassembly services. Prevent your furniture from getting damaged by persistent movers by choosing KP Quality to conduct your next disassembly move.

    When you choose KP Quality, we arrive at your Roslyn home and help you disassemble large items recommended for getting them out of your home. Typical items that require disassembly are couches and pool tables. We then wrap the pieces and safely package them. Once transported to the new location we will begin reassembly of your furniture immediately. Going through the disassembly process alone can be difficult, but we will help you every step of the way.

    Going through the disassembly process by yourself isn’t easy, but we stick with you every step of the way.

    We can assist with:

    • Sofas & Couches
    • Wall Units & Entertainment Centers
    • Dining Tables
    • Armoires
    • Pool Tables
    • Beds & Headboards
      (Cribs, Murphy Beds, Bunk Beds)

    The Process

    You have all of these items in your home but there does come a time where you are ready to move out into better place. Take the load off of stressing how you will get all your items out without damaging them by hiring our experts at KP Quality. Our movers are experts is disassembly and reassembly for a variety of pieces of furniture.

    Furniture Disassembly

     1. We carefully strip the piece of furniture if it has leather or fabric covering. (reupholstery can be a pain if the process goes incorrectly)

    2. Next, we take apart the metal frame by loosening the connections. For wooden frames, we focus on handling the glued dowel connections with expert care. If this isn’t done properly, you could end ups stripping screws or screw holes and creating a misalignment within the frame.

    3. The furniture disassembly professionals who will come to your Roslyn property are experienced in wood and metal disassembly. Sometimes you can take on projects by yourself, but when it comes to the craft of disassembling furniture, you wouldn’t want to risk damaging your furniture.

    Furniture Reassembly

    1. Once we’ve successfully disassembled your piece of furniture and transported it, our team will reassemble it at the new location. In some cases even better than it originally was! We start with forming the frame, which usually includes replacing any existing screws, bolts, dowels, adhesives, staples and other connections.  

    2. If necessary for your piece of furniture, we will reattach the leather or fabric covering.

    3. Afterwards, we can successfully add a new coat of glue as well as new screws and staples to make sure that the piece of furniture has been completely restored.


    We are driven by the satisfaction of our clients here at KP Quality. That is why we offer so many services at competitive rates, making us the best option for your next move. Our crafting services are a specialty service necessary for moving your large items out of your home and into your new home. This service is especially beneficial for items that require extra care. Our crafting services are great for items like:

    • Lab equipment
    • Artwork
    • Glass / Marble Table Tops
    • Statues
    • Mirrors
    • Antiques

    Custom Designed Crates

    Sometimes there are items that are not suitable for standard dimensions that crates come in. Thankfully, KP Quality is able to provide you with custom designed crates to properly store your items. All you have to do is provide us with details of your item, such as it’s weight, dimensions, and the location for where it needs to be dropped off.

    On- Site Crating

    If it suits your current moving circumstances, our professional movers can arrive to your Roslyn home and create a custom crate on-sight for your items. Being that our movers are there in-person to get a visual representation of your items is helpful for us to accurately build a suitable crate to store your items and move them off your property.

    Crates for Purchase

    If you would like custom crates for your own, we are more than happy to provide them for you. Sometimes not everyone needs help with moving but may lack the proper items to help move their belongings, and we understand that. We can build you crates that you can use for local, long-distance and even international moves.

    If you are looking for reliable moving company who also provides crafting and crate services in Roslyn, NY look no further than KP Quality. Our movers are always ready to take on any moving project. We are dedicated to providing you with the best moving experience in NY!


    When it comes to changing locations, moving can be a hassle sometimes and we understand that. KP Quality specializes in making your next move an easy one by providing you with multiple services to tackle any situation you’re faced with when moving. You can’t trust just any movers. KP Quality is your best choice when it comes to quick, affordable and safe moves for your belongings.

    Short and Long distance Moving

    Whether you are moving down the road, to another state or even internationally, KP Quality is able to help you out. We specialize in both short distance, long distance, and international moves. We can even lend a hand in moving items into storage if that is all you need.

    Fair Pricing for Moving

    Sometimes the price of movers can dissuade people from choosing movers to help them with their next move. That is why we want to offer you fair and affordable prices to make choosing movers a decision you won’t have to think about ever again. Call KP Quality today so we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your next move.

    Licensed & Insured

    KP Quality movers aren’t just some ordinary movers. We only hire licensed professionals and are completely insured so you can rest easy knowing your belonging are covered. Needless to say, we treat every move with extra care. KP Quality is a licensed moving company for the State of New York and Department of Transportation.


    If you are currently thinking about moving but are stuck on whether if it will be worth all the physical labor, then let KP Quality relieve you by providing you with the best and most trusted moving service in Roslyn, NY. All of our movers are experts in many facets of moving, disassembling and reassembling of many pieces of furniture. We offer plenty of services to help make your next move and easy one. Always know KP Quality is here no matter what kind of help you need!


    • Years of Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
    • On Time & On Schedule
    • Fair Pricing

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