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Last Minute Moving in Long Island, Fairfield County, Nassau County & NYC

You never know when you need to leave your house as soon as possible. Whether there is a big storm coming, your truck breaks down or you are going to leave an abusive household, we understand why you may need for any last-minute moving services. Luckily, KP Quality is available for short-notice and emergency moving services with small haul movers.

    Affordable & Reliable Last Minute Movers

    While other companies may charge a premium to use same day moving services, with KP Quality you can move out of your New York or Suffolk County home fast for a flat-rate. Our movers will make sure that you are able to leave your home with your belongings as soon as possible without any hassle.

    Types of Last Minute Moves

    Furniture Delivery

    We’re able to move furniture to your new location, so you don’t need to handle the burden of packing chairs and tables in your car. With our furniture delivery system, you are able to keep a little piece of your home while going to your new location.

    Packing and Unpacking

    Our Long Island movers are experts in packing and unpacking goods, and can help you organize the clutter that comes with a move-out. This will help you get settled into your new apartment or house in no time!

    Loading and Unloading

    Don’t worry about lifting your heavy items! Our movers are more than willing to help load our trucks with the most burdensome items so you can relax. We will get them out of your household fast so you can get moving as soon as possible.

    Miscellaneous items

    Sentimental items, utilities and more are handled with care by our emergency movers. Contact us if you want to know what our movers can and cannot take.

    Quick Moves for both Residential & Commercial Needs

    Our last-minute movers are able to handle any job for residential and commercial properties. An office may need to be fumigated and a house’s foundation may be falling apart, among others. Whatever the reason you may have to leave your home or office, KP Quality’s movers serve New York and Long Island for the services they need.

    Your Best Choice for Last Minute Movers

    We are able to put your belongings inside any apartment, house or storage unit in New York or Long Island. Whether you are moving away permanently or just need somewhere to leave your things while you look for a new place to live, we are able to get the job done.

    Contact us today if you need any last-minute or emergency moving services. Call us now at 631-398-5885.

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