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Pianos are an important part to your next move. They’re large heavy, bulky, and tricky to move. When you use KP Quality we will help you through the entire relocation process, we are equipped and properly trained to carefully transport one of your most precious belongings.

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    Our Expert Piano Moving Services

    KP Quality is your full-service piano moving company. Our professional movers provide the following:

    Types of Last Minute Moves


    Though your piano may not need it. KP Quality is equip to disassemble your precious cargo for transport.

    Piano Moving Equipment

    In order to protect your piano as well as hardwood floors they could damage. We are equipped safely so that when your piano is transported your piano without leaving any scuff marks. Additionally, they have the padding and blankets to ensure they pack your instrument securely for the journey your pianos journey.

    Local Piano Movers

    KP Quality provides high quality piano services throughout Suffolk County and Long Island.

    Long Distance Piano Movers

    One of these moving services includes long distance moves, even all the way from New York to Florida. When preparing for such a long move, you will want a trusted company by your side.

    Piano Reassembly

    If your piano needed to be disassembled for the move, we can set it up and place it where you’d like. No matter the size or condition of your piano, we will take the utmost care and concern for your precious cargo. KP Quality is your trusted professional piano moving company.

    Your Trusted Piano Movers

    For your big move, KP Quality is your trusted partner. We are dedicated in assisting you each step of the way while giving you a fair price. We also help with pre-planning, packing, loading, unpacking, and even placement of your items. We are the trusted moving company for New York and are confident you will feel the same. We look forward to serving you! Contact us today for a free quote!

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